Senior Health

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Like us, as our pets get older they can develop health problems. Often we can’t detect these problems on a physical exam. However, with proper pre-screening techniques, we can potentially diagnose and start treatment before these problems become life-threatening. Senior Pet Screens can detect endocrine disease such as diabetes, hypo/hyperthyroidism or Cushings. Other organ problems such as heart, kidney, and liver diseases may also be diagnosed.  

All pets above the age of 10 years are considered senior animals. Giant breeds (i.e. Great Danes, Mastiffs, etc.) may be considered senior at the age of 6 or 7 years. For a limited time, we are offering these senior profiles at a discount.


         Profile 1# - Exam, Chemistries, Complete Blood Counts, Thyroid Levels, and Urinalysis

Regular Price: 230.00  Special Price: 195.00

  Profile 2# - Exam, Chemistries, Complete Blood Counts, Thyroid Levels, Urinalysis, 2 view X-ray

Regular Price: 350.00  Special Price: 290.00

Profile 3# - Exam, Chemistries, Complete Blood Counts, Thyroid Levels, 2 view X-ray, ECG, and Ultrasound

Regular Price: 585.00  Special Price: 470.00

We offer blood work and exams for animals of all ages. If your animal is lethargic, experiencing weight loss or weight gain, has increased thirst, thinning hair coat, or any health concern, please call us to schedule an exam or consult with one of our doctors. We want you to know that your pet is important to us and by working together, we can help keep your pet happy and healthy for many years.